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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Tomorrow (oops, technically today) is my first day of school with all of the staff. Inservice starts tomorrow morning at some undisclosed time--I'm hoping 8:30 because that's what time I will be ready. Meg and Lauren and Caitlin came to help today and they were a godsend. After what felt like moments, however, they had to go back to Philly and I started freaking out again. Tomorrow afternoon is the lat time I'll be able to be in my room before the kids come and I am worrying out of control. I feel like I have so much empty wall space and so many things still left to do and zero time in which to do them. I know I should be sleeping now, but I am zipping around as a result of too much caffeine and just general craziness.

Everyone keeps saying I'm going to be fine, which just makes me worry more. I don't want to do a poor job and I want to be a great teacher. I know I'm my biggest critic and it really doesn't matter if I don't have my books organized by topic, I don't have the right bins and baskets to put my books in, I don't have the right binders for my parent communication logs, I've never spoken a word of Spanish in my life, I haven't planned any of my lessons yet, reading terrifies me... Okay, pictures and a general sense of calm will come tomorrow. (I hope!)

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