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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I get by with a little help from my friends!

Okay, so today was a little better... Megan came and helped me rearrange my desks (and arrange, then rearrange, and rearrange again, and again, and again...) We also went to Lakeshore for the first time-unbelievable! My mentor teacher gave me a bucket full of things from Lakeshore, too, and a $20 gift certificate!

I'm still trying to decide a theme for my room: originally I was thinking garden, but now I'm leaning towards Dr. Seuss. I can put Trufulla trees in my reading area and I know I can find Dr. Seuss svgs and font online so I can get cricuting away. My indecisiveness is killing me, though.

The highlight of my day, besides seeing Megan, of course, would be that I was finally able to catch up with a counselor from 2009. He and I were really close during camp and talk every now and then, but we had fallen out of touch again until tonight. It's amazing how quickly you can get back into the swing of things with an old friend.

Now off to make my welcome letter to my students and their parents...

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