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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Only a week left?!

So this weekend has been a lot of hurricane preparations and trying to make everything I can on my computer. I've been kicked out of school since Thursday (school is closed until Monday), so I've been trying to stay busy. I'm making a behavior catalog of different privileges the students can earn, which I think looks really good right now, but I have a lot more to do, which means more googling Dr. Seuss characters and thinking up clever titles.

I've bought a zillion things from Target--help!--including a rug for the reading area, a new storage shelf with cubbies that I think I'm going to put my math manipulatives in, and oodles of bins and boxes and binders.

Storage cubby overflowing with white boards on the right, I need to get a bigger basket for them and my clipboards...

Alphabet rug & the green and black book bins I have for each student
I still need to finish leveling a lot of the books in my library, but I really am starting to love it!

It took me forever to laminate and cut out all of the bulletin board border I have, finally I got smart and binder clipped them together so I cut cut 20+ strips at a time!

Here's my newly borded and felted word wall, complete with Dr. Seuss border, of course!

Thing 1 & Thing 2 mocking me as it took me hours to hang them up... 
I hope there isn't any significant damage to school, I'm supposed to have math training and my new teacher orientation tomorrow... Here's hoping everything is fine, I'm running out of time to get ready!

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