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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baskets, Bins, and Buckets

I never thought I would EVER say this, but if I have to go to Target one more time in the next month, I am going to LOSE IT!

Needless to say, I have been hanging out in my room 24/7--or until the custodian escorts me out to my car--and I am beginning to go crazy! Luckily, I think the crazy is working because I feel like I'm getting closer to being finished. It better be, because tomorrow is my last free day; I have inservice on Thursday and then school starts on Tuesday! (WAHHH it's going so quickly!)

Yesterday I made Truffula trees for my Seuss-themed room. I was nervous at first, but I LOVE them!
Can't believe they've stayed up so far... I guess they don't have any firsties pulling on them yet
My vinyl is supposed to come tomorrow, so I can finally finish my quote!
I also made schedule cards for what I hope will be every possible event we will have in school...

And to work on number sense, an estimation station of candy/prizes. (Stole the idea from Caitlin's cooperating teacher!)

(Cookie jar from Target... of course)
I worked on my behavior management system, too. Still deciding what I want to do--especially after a very confusing conversation with Caitlin today. I want to have positive behavior rewards, not just negative, but I don't want things to be too confusing.
Behavior catalog- what you can earn (wear a hat in the classroom, have a recognition sent home, etc.) 
I've seen this clip chart all over on pinterest, and teachers seem to love it. I don't know if 7 colors are wayyy too many, I'm starting to think so. 
In Glenside, the gym teacher read a book about filling other people's buckets by doing and saying nice things. Apparently, that book has swept across a bunch of schools. We are apparently also a "Bucket Filling"school!
My gorgeous bucket sign-with creepy smiling buckets (I'll have to fix them tomorrow)
Shoe organizer? Nah, bucket depot. (All from Target)
Pennant (from Target) to celebrate almost beginning school!
And finally, it is official!! The custodian hung my sign outside my door today and I got my contract yesterday-I'm actually a real teacher!
Ms. Smith, I guess so if I marry someone with the last name Smith, they don't have to get a new sign!
The entire Education Dream Team is supposed to be stopping by tomorrow, I hope my school is ready for all of my roommates. (And I hope they are ready for some decorating!)

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