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Monday, August 22, 2011

Whatta Whirlwind!

I want to keep a blog of my first year teaching, if only to be able to look back on the beginning of the year and see how much I've grown/changed. I've had so many changes in my life plan in such a short time, I can hardly believe I am where I am now.

I just graduated in May, and after hearing about a possible job opening in my elementary school the night I graduated, I began looking for jobs around my home. I had a graduate assistantship already at grad school, and was planning on getting my Master's and having another year to adjust to the idea of actually being a grown-up and having a real job! After a crazy few weeks at home, I started summer camp at Girl Scout camp, decided it wasn't for me, and had my first job interview. After going back to my old camp, I had my second job interview and thought that was it. I happily played around in the sunshine with my camp friends for a few weeks and heard rumors that someone else had accepted the job. When the elementary school called me and left a message to call them back, I thought it was a "thanks but no thanks," phone call. When I was able to call them back the next day, I was not expecting to be offered a job--let alone a first grade position! After a few minutes of disbelief, I called the principal back and accepted! The CEO's wife let out a message throughout the camp radios telling people of my new position, and counselors made an announcement at lunch, where I received a standing ovation from campers and counselors alike! I'm so happy I was at camp when I received the news, everyone was so sweet and excited for me!

Today was the first day of my curriculum training and I can only say I am officially terrified! I can't help but think college has not prepared me for this at all. In my student teaching and labs, we mainly used scripted reading programs. Now, it is much more flexible, but I have no real first grade experience to draw upon. My mentor teacher is so nice and she keeps telling me not to worry about the curriculum yet, but I am worrying! Teaching reading terrifies me, it is so important to a child's life and I don't want to screw up. 

My roommate Megan is coming tomorrow to help me set up my room--little does she know I have no idea what I want to do with the room. My indecision seems crippling at this point: there is so much to do but I don't even know where to start! I'm hoping that having her with me tomorrow (and some jams on my iPod and some DD iced coffee to keep us moving) will help me get my act together! Here's hoping it all goes well... I guess there really is a first time for everything! 

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