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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The final countdown...

Long time no post, by as evidenced by the time of this entry, I've pretty much been working around the clock trying to get ready! Thursday and Friday were incredibly stressful--the knowledge that I would not be able to get into my room again until the students actually came + all of my other worries made me freak out like never before just a little bit. I may or may not have called AnneMarie from the Walmart parking lot in tears because I was charged the wrong amount of money for binders. (Thanks again AM for your advice--which I unbelievably did follow--and calm tone of voice during my breakdown. I guess all of that practice in the back of Arts & Crafts did some good!)

My roomies (can't bring myself to say ex-roommates yet, I'm totally in denial that college is over) did so much work in my classroom on Thursday for me and were definitely bucket fillers to the max! Here they are hard at work:
Meg covering the old mailboxes

Cait's favorite things--lamination and photo shoots

Lauren managing the library
I wish I had taken pictures of the room before I left on Thursday, but again I was escorted outside promptly at 8:15! I guess I'll have to sleep outside the door on Monday night to make sure I can get in bright and early to finish up the final touches!

Speaking of bright and early, I have been attempting to tackle my scheduling/planning/reviewing the curriculum since around 6 Friday night... Twelve hours later, my bed looks like this:

Annnnnd I finally finished my schedule, updated my website--complete with a non-horrible picture, maxed out the number of library books on whick you're allowed to place a hold, downloaded 1st grade common core standard placards, and cleaned off my bed--all with no tears! Successful day!

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