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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Finally an update

I finally decided to update so this doesn't turn into my summer camp diary... So today is the 11th day of school! Thank goodness we do the calendar every morning so we're keeping painstaking count of the days.

I'm getting more into the swing of things, but it's still hard to do certain things that I never did in student teaching. First graders are so much tinier than fourth graders! It's hard to teach phonics especially because the last time I had any sort of phonics-related instruction was sophomore year of college, and having a real job was such a distant pipe dream at that point anyway.

I had back to school night last week--I think I blacked out just like I did when it was time to walk on stage to get my diploma. I was rewarded for BTSN with a payday--I'd forgotten I was actually going to get paid for this!--and we got to wear jeans!

I think the children are trying to give me Chinese water torture. Every time they leave the room, one of them leaves the water on just a little bit. Forty minutes into my prep later, I realize why I'm so annoyed and finally get up to turn off the water.

We had our first whole school assembly today. It made me think of student teaching and camp--I was temped to dive into the middle of my class to be better able to control them. At least I didn't have to wrestle flash lights out of their hands!

I completely forget everything else we've done every day, so the rest of this post will be 100% pictures!


Heart maps to help us think of writing topics

Everyday Math Games!

An actually cleaned off desk in time for BTSN

I realized today I leave incredibly dangerous things ALL around the room...

Chinese Water Torture

We <3 No, David!

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