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Thursday, May 3, 2012

First Grade is a Zoo!

Tomorrow is our field trip to the zoo and we cannot wait! By that I mean my entire classroom management facade has ended and the inmates are running the asylum. I keep telling myself they're only 6/7 and it's almost summer (THIRTY MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!!!!!) and we have a field trip tomorrow and that's the whole reason we're so wacky. Mhmm. This will all be over on Monday.

I am freaking out for the trip, typical, and am terrified that my kids will wind up scaling the monkey fence and getting into the monkey pit. (Note: not an exaggeration, this is an actual occurrence from last year's field trip.  Weeeeeeee!)

To distract me from impending field trip doom and distract the kids from the fact I haven't brought in the promised guinea pigs yet--long story-- we've been doing tons of crafts. I usually think beforehand they will be less stress and yet it never works out that way. Here are some shots of the latest things we've been doing in room 131:

Someone who has not yet joined our class... maybe because I love him too much


Crazy calculations during my prep

Tie dye recipe- a lot easier at camp

Bright green tie dyed shirts for easy spotting in the crowd

Excited to survive the field trip and start the celebration

Cinquain poems inspired by Cara Carroll, of course

Adorable handprint animals

Our flock of fractionpillars

I love how different their feet look

This one's on stilts-haha!
Some of our schema for zoo animals before reading our nonfiction books

Love the creative spelling!

Here's hoping we all survive tomorrow! And thank god I have Megan and Lauren coming in to help out with my group, especially since I've given myself the wild child group. Packing extra Tylenol, TGIF.

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful field trip. The shirts came out really cute. We go on our field trip next Thursday to an aquarium & we will be painting shirts next week.

    First Grade Delight