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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Twilight Zone

So. Last year. Let's just fast forward through last year, taking only a few moments to remember the crazy twilight zone of my room where zebra costumes, 2 ft high elf hats, toilet paper strewn throughout the bathroom, and forgetting names of letters in April was a common occurrence.

This year, my THIRD year, will be the charm. Great room, great organization, small class, chevrons everywhere, and we're getting a reading program. PTL, friends, because making up the lessons on my own certainly could not have been the best things for my little ones. (See: forgetting letter names)

We're officially getting rid of our 90s version of Rigby and are adopting McGraw-Hill Wonders series in grades 1-6. 1st grade wasn't supposed to get the program until next year, but my principal was able to play around with the budget and get us the series this year, too.

So my classroom set-up this year has been spookily painless, thanks to hot glue and not ripping down the walls cathartically like I did at the end of year 1. Almost everything stayed up over the summer, hooray!

Today I laminated and cut my word wall cards for our new series. I made a set last year just using the Dolch word lists, but I'm so excited to actually implement something that goes with what I'm actually teaching.

I went through my library today to make sure I had all of my books in the correct bin. Labeling them will be another job for another day. And #firstworldteacherprobs I have too many books for my library right now, so I have to run to Ikea to get more of the Expedit shelves I got last year.

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