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Monday, March 26, 2012

My favorite place in the world...

Only 8 more school days until Spring Break... WOOHOOO! You can definitely tell that my kiddos are ready to get out: tons of tattling, talking, and tears over pencils. PENCILS! And they're MY PENCILS that I bought, and we have literally about 1,000 pencils in our room. Too bad, so sad, I am not playing Detective Smith to fingerprint and ID the owner of the pencil in question.

To kick off our weather study in reading this week, I went to the library right after school on Friday. As in  if-I-don't-go-right-now-and-do-not-go-home-first-I-will-definitely-forget-and-have-to-make-up-my-own-weather-books-Monday-morning-at-8:39. I picked up about 20 picture books and nonfiction emergent readers to help us answer our weather questions. After toting my gigantically heavy bag over to the carpet full of books, I set the stage for our reading lesson:

"Boys and girls, this weekend I went to one of my FAVORITE PLACES!"
Immediate 1st grader response: "KARAOKE?"
"Uhm, no, the library."

After a full day of pulling teeth for responses and moving spots on the carpet and making bar graphs of our class pet wish list {can you tell I REALLLLY want to get a class pet?}, I gave up and gave in to the madness. We watched 3 BrainPOP Jr. videos today {thank God I signed up for a free trial last night} and then moseyed on over to our class Twitter.

Around St. Patrick's day, another classroom asked us questions about our leprechaun projects we made. I was thrilled to actually have someone talk to us/respond to us on Twitter, so I made 2 students respond immediately. I was bummed out when they didn't answer for another day or two, but it's totally understandable now because they are a class in IRELAND! I couldn't believe it when they sent us another message on Friday:

I jumped upon the chance to try and expand our worldview, so we downloaded Google Earth and zoomed from our school to their school in Ireland. {With only a few incidents of being "lost" in the Atlantic Ocean when my Smartboard did not respond to me. And yes, of course my firsties screamed and pretended they were swimming/saw sharks.} Then we watched their leprechaun video and some precious ones SWORE they saw the leprechaun running in the pitch black video. I can't wait to continue the conversation, my kids can't wait to pretend they are swimming again.

And finally, the ONLY thing that got me through today with only a mild migraine was the gallon of kisses theat were abandoned at the bottom of my bag from my lovely KDP gift... THANKS AGAIN!
Brave kisses before they were devoured


  1. Hi Amanda - great blog...your first year? I bet you are doing great. I've been teaching 18 years and I still enjoy it so much. I teach first currently. You have a great name by the way -- it's my daughter's name. :o)
    Come visit my blog sometime.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

    1. Hi Vicky!

      Thanks so much for visiting! It is my first year, thank God it is almost over and I can start over next year with all of the things I've learned throughout this year. You just must have really good taste! I'm so happy to be your newest follower. Thanks so much! :)