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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Walkthrough and Ms. Grinch continues

So far today I believe I have said "sitcrisscrossapplesauceonyourbottombottomonthegroundpleasesitaroundtheedgeoftherugonyourbottom," at least 247483153 times. I've threatened to not send in our elf applications, to write a letter to Santa and say we've been naughty, and to take away our word work power towers (bathroom cups with sight words on the bottoms) and instead put worksheets. The majority of my class also comes in with mystery ailments every day that magically disappear as soon as it's time for a brain break or to go to recess, so I can't wait for the day the one child who is actually sick pukes all over just to prove a point to me. Oh well, firstie! At least you wrote 3 sentences to go with your lavishly colored picture.

By some first grade miracle, the one 5 minute period we've followed directions all day was the 5 minute interval the principal and superintendent did their walkthroughs and they seemed really impressed. By that I mean they did not read the Grinch that said I yell, they pointed to my interactive word wall, and they laughed at our Bossy E wanted signs. As long as they do not come back until after Christmas, I think we'll be fine.

They've been LOVING our "Holidays Around the World" unit that we've been doing. So far, we've traveled to Mexico, France, and are on our way to Italy today. Of course I was't able to get the picture book for Italy from the library and Barnes and Noble NEVER has the copies of the books I want, so we're watching a YouTube video of La Befana in Disneyworld.

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